Model-based Controls

Maximum efficiency for your processes and systems

We provide support and solutions for the entire development cycle of model-based control functions. We help you to build-up and to streamline the development process from the initial idea to the calibration and validation. We support and coach your engineers to maximize the performance and robustness of your control system. We develop model-based control functionalities along with the calibration tool chain according to your needs. Wherever model-based control solutions are needed to allow high scalability and transferability, we can support you.


tech consulting

Do you need to establish or improve your development processes for model-based control solutions? We help you to shape and streamline your approach to pave the way for a maximum robust, efficient, and traceable development of model-based functions.


tech coaching

Do you already have a model-based controls or function development approach but struggle with technical or implementation problems? We help you to overcome the technical hurdles and to get maximum performance and robustness out of your approach.



Do you need model-based functions for controls and diagnostics, full model-based calibration routines for your functions, or fast running simulation models? We develop model-based functions and tools for you to boost the efficiency and performance of your control system.