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If you decide to develop control functionalities following a model-based approach, there are a couple of aspects which need to be considered when putting up workflows, processes, and the organization.
Since the model is now the core of the development process in many development steps, the management and use of those models needs special attention.

The use of models allows a significant amount of automation, especially during the calibration phase. Hence, special dedicated validation steps must be foreseen to avoid unexpected results from those automated calibration steps. Finally, the very definition of a model incorporates the fact that it is always a simplified representation of the reality. This simplification is hardly ever generic, but mostly applied to the specific problem, for which the model was developed. Hence, models cannot be exchanged at will: They are always developed for a specific purpose.

Negligible impacts of a simplification for one use case can easily become very significant for other use cases. This needs to be considered when defining processes and workflows for model-based controller development. We can provide solid support for you when it comes to boosting your development environment into the model-based cosmos. We help you to establish a reasonable process landscape, which can be supported by a meaningful organizational setup.