Tech Coaching

Model-based approaches are widely known and well documented in the literature. Nevertheless, many engineers are maybe familiar with the theory but do not apply the approach in practice. Often, the bottlenecks are practical experience, short-term timing constraints, the acceptance of an increased front-load (to enable an overall efficiency boost), and in some cases the readiness to leave familiar ground. Hence, it is often hard to gain the necessary experience and trust in this approach. The only way to carry this new approach into the development process is by “training on the job”.


In order to allow an organization to build-up the structure from within and to enable the engineers to gain practical experience in real projects, an appropriate tutoring and coaching is indispensable. Our tutoring-model allows the simultaneous training and application of the model-based methodology on the job. The core is the engineers of your organization, while we enable them to grow the model-based approach from within.

No matter if you start from scratch of if you already have established the workflows but are struggling, we can support you with tutoring, coaching, and troubleshooting.